“I Call This Knot Destruction.”

This is about how the blog got its name.

Missionaries are always into their ties- both the style of tie and the knot it’s tied in. As a missionary in Colorado in the year 2002, big bright polyesters were all the rage. The material was thick, which made the inherently thick “Double Windsor” an even phatter knot. I was moderately into the tie craze. I had a couple of good polyesters, but secretly my maroon and silver Brooks Brother’s was my top tie. That was definitely a Sunday Tie or a Transfer Tie. I tied my knots in a nice simple “Over and Thru.” If I remember correctly, the “Over and Thru” is technically NOT a “Single Windsor,” but I’m not sure.

And that brings me back to the point, which is that I was only moderately interested in this stuff (well now that I think of it, we ALL did get rather into it, and eventually even I was asking old men for old ties after they’d rejected The Gospel at their doorstep.) Point is, I stuck to the “Over and Thru” largely because I didn’t have the patience to learn a complex thing like the “Double Windsor.” By dressing more how your mother would approve was easier and, if I’m being honest, I didn’t have a problem with it.

So I stuck with the “Over and Thru” knot most days, but for one adventurous morning when I tied something rather inside-out and dysfunctional. I told Thurgood that I called it- “Destruction.”

“LITCHFIELD! LITCHFIELD!” He always yelled my name when he laughed.

Okay, moving on to the title of the new blog. An ex-step-father of mine (ages 9-18) dubbed me Destructo Oblivion. This sacred title of mine was for a long time reserved for my musical endeavors, but who cares? I can use it for everything; I’ll call my future dog Destructo Oblivion. Anyway, when you say Oblivion, try to put a little flare at the end. Come to think of it, flare out the whole thing but save a bit extra for when you wring out the end of Oblivion, pronounced VEE ON, at the end there. Say it as if you are pronouncing the coming of a superhero. But of course it is all in jest. You are mocking Destructo Oblivion. Pound your fist on the table- DESTRUCTO OBLIV-EOOOOOOOON!!!! Something like that. USELESS!!!

The old step-father might take the crown of best nickname, don’t you think? It isn’t the only one I’ve been given. The older brothers used to call me Air-Head. A-Ron is common of course, (more recently A-A-Ron, thanks to Key and Peele.) Litchy I’ve affectionately been called by people independent of one another. Gwar has been a long-time nickname of mine here on the West Coast. Or more completely, Thomas S. Preston Esquire S. Gwar.

Anyhow, Destructo Oblivion is now the title of this blog.

So, this is the initial post. The birth of Destructo Oblivion, the network.  I “closed out” my prior blog, sanfranciscostreetfighter.co or affectionately known as Esephesef, a couple months back. The last post was called Ultimate Post, but I threw a couple more in there for good measure.

The current blog theme is called Big Brother. WordPress tells me that Big Brother is a nice, clean little format meant for large organizations and government. Maybe in the future I’ll have a real mind-blowing page and user interface.


Alright, so this is the first thing to come out of Destructo Oblivion.

Oh yeah, pictures. More pictures than the old website.

This is a bird that was given to me for Christmas. Is the photo bad? Good.
This is a bird that was given to me for Christmas. Is the photo bad? Good.
This is my bike.



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