27 Reasons Why Internet Lists Are Stupid

First off, listed are some movies that would likely qualify as Destructo Oblivion’s bests or favorites. The necessary requirements to make this list are vague and imperfect. Just understand that childhood-attachment and certain other biases exist.

Children of Men

Goodfellas. Ray Liotta is absurdly good in this movie. The single-shot-back-door-restaurant-entrance scene is glorious and the perfect song accompanies it.

-The entire Sopranos series. Or you can take the first season and imagine it compressed into a two-hour-long movie on its own, which is the medium that Sopranos creator David Chase originally intended.

-Wes Anderson’s Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, and Moonrise Kingdom. Oh, and also Fantastic Mr. Fox, his animated film. It’s just as good.

-Every single damn one of Mr. Quentin Tarantino’s films with the possible exceptions of his more casual movies, Kill Bill and Grindhouse. But those two movies are both pretty frickin good as well.

-Quentin Tarantino wrote True Romance, though it was directed by Tony Scott, who prior to the 1993 film, made hi-grossing Tom Cruise action flicks like Top Gun and (one of Tarantino’s favorites) Days of Thunder (no joke.) Tarantino loves Tony Scott’s treatment of True Romance. It is an amazing film with a loaded cast and is another blog post on its own. Note that Tarantino wrote director Oliver Stone’s eventual Natural Born Killers and it has been essentially disowned by Quentin.

-Destructo Oblivion feels that the Cohen brothers make movies that are just as good as the aforementioned directors.

Robocob and Terminator 2 are amazing movies. T2 is widely known as the greatest action film of all time. This website has a greater childhood attachment to the Arnold movie, but we watched Robocop recently and decided that it is better. After the human police officer is killed, the sequence that follows is from his perspective as he dies and slowly comes back to life as a robot/human. It is a series of blackness spattered with different levels of awareness, all filmed from the first-person perspective. That film was remade and one has to ask: why?

-Sophia Coppola’s Somewhere.

My theory is, the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola’s talent is grossly discounted because people assume it impossible for Sophia to have any sort of artistic edge as a result of her highly privileged upbringing. I think Sophia Coppola, who writes her own films, is better than her father. I think almost everyone else making films and television today needs to watch her work and learn how to keep the effing camera still.

-That’s about it for movies. I’m under-schooled in foreign films and realize that if I weren’t, there would be lots of them on this list. For instance, I watched a movie starring Sophia Loren a few years ago called (translated) Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow and it was vastly superior to almost all movies coming from the states in the early sixties. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, is amazing and I realized after viewing that I was just scratching the surface.

2) The weather. Here, I will display photos taken from my balcony with an ancient iphone 4. The weather is actually on the cool side in Point Loma today. I am wearing jeans and a flannel as the sun pours in and the cars whiz by. These photos were taken another day, but that hardly matters.

1)That blue stick is the greatest thing about Sea World. I think it’s called the Sea World Tower.
2)Not my surf board.
3)I’ll take a look at that license, doc. (this photo not taken from apt. balcony.)
4637)The airport is nearby.
3) (also not taken from my balcony)

7635) If you weren’t bored to tears with this internet list already, it’s gonna close with the most important list of all-time, which is Destructo Oblivion’s all-time baseball team. It is a roster of 25, compiled by our favorite players from history.

-Leading off, left fielder, Willy Mays

2) Right fielder, Joe Dimaggio

3) At first base, Lou Gherig

4) The pitcher, BABE RUTH

5) In center field, Ken Griffey Jr.

6) The second baseman, Jackie Robinson

7) At third base, George Brett

8) The shortstop, Ozzie Smith

9) The Catcher, Thurmon Munson

-Outfield Reserves: Mike Trout, Tony Gwynn, and Ricky Henderson

-Infield Reserves: Brooks Robinson & Robinson Cano

-Catchers: Yogi Berra and David Ross

-Pitchers: Pedro Martinez, Greg Maddox, Sandy Koufax, Satchel Paige, Jake Peavy, Jim Bouton, Kerry Wood, Bob Gibson

So that’s the most important list of all time. If anyone questions using The Babe as a starter, just note that I would always give him one or two days off after he pitches, then I’d have him available to play in the outfield on the days just before he pitches.

69) David Ross was chosen despite a career that doesn’t compare with most of his teammates; I picked Ross based on how he lead the Red Sox during their World Series victory in 2013. Does a team with Yogi Berra and Thurmon Munson require their third catcher to have a serious bat? No. Ross is essentially a player/coach on this team.


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