ricks college reading magazines

standing outside in the freezing cold. hunter was super rich and showed us his dads distribution center off the road in idaho. his dad was based out of virginia or something. He really did hunt. he even woke up early on the weekends sug nightto scout hnting. at 4 or 5 am he went out and spied on the moose.He said something about george w bush getting his vote. or not getting it absentee. ford expedition tow us on a potato field on giant tractor tubes. it was probably the most fun I ever had. I can’t believe I never died.

napster waiting a half hour or more for a song. I had to fight to get my songs in. Ultimately I caved in and gained an appreciation for their music with people like jay z, outcast (before they were REAL big and all the old nwa people. It was through them that I learned about night hanging people from windows.

procrastinated by reading movie reviews at ricks. thats where I found

oceanography the school paper.essays fuck you. the second essay tried even harder and wasn’t as good. I talked about my cars as metaphors and I don’t really like thinking about it. I prefer the first but it’s tough to say as I don’t have copies of them.

I like to say “I’m fininshed with college.” Because I justify that in my mind, that doesn’t neccessarily mean that I have graduated from college. Pretty stupid.

So I don’t have a degree. Which is whatever.

whats the point? What’s the point of this essay, this thing, this blog post. (link to davys drawing isnt it the greatest? he always draws my hair like that.) He doesn’t like me taking about Casanovas in Heat because I’m not as cool as him and he’s very protective of his band’s image. So, Davy secretly is pals with me but disowns me publicly, which is fine.

“E-RASE it! E-RASE it!. TAKE IT DOWN!!!”

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, degree.

Sure I’m self-conscious about it.

You face that I guess and then it’s time to move on.

What are you gonna do?

The best you can.

Okay, so that’s the end. What follows is just thoughts on it.

Hanging people from windows. Right, hanging people from windows. That’s what I’m going to explain here. See, the above  is written in note-form. As in, this is what was first written as notes when I decided that I should write about college. I was thinking about college and how I have fond memories of reading car magazines in the library when I attended Ricks College as an 18 year old. These are the first notes! It’s crazy. (While I was there, Ricks announced that it would soon be called BYU Idaho, as it transitioned from two-year, to four-year college.)

Anyway hanging people from windows is a reference to Suge Knight. They were the ones who told me who he was.


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