Cars In A McMansion Neighborhood

Or, What McMansion Owners Have Parked In And Around Their Homes. They might not quite be McMansions. Everything is relative. Maybe for you they are mansions, or perhaps merely shanties. Pool houses. But the point is I went on a walk and took photos of the cars and with each caption I will speculate about the car’s origin and purpose. Also, McMansion owner’s are a protective, watchful bunch, so I snapped hasty photos in order to avoid McConfrontations.


Big, late-model trucks such as this Ford F-150 seem to be the playthings of the McAlpha male. The man of the fam might drive a (garaged) 5-series beemer to work, but the truck is there to take things to the dump and possibly tow some jet skis. It’s a real tool, you know! Handy to have around! The McAlpha’s fiscal discipline philosophies determine whether or not his first-born son drives this to Scripps Ranch High School during the week. If he’s a real moderate Republican, Sally might even get the keys. Wouldn’t that be cool!???


The owner of this plaything chose the more sensible Honda. The Ridgeline has unibody construction and the motor ain’t as big. I mean, does it need a huge V8? Nah, get’s the job done. This fella might move out of the neighborhood. Seriously- Northpark, University Heights or something. Maybe won’t get as much house, but do you need it???



Decade-plus beemer relagated to the driveway? Paint with serious sun damage on the hood? Teenage daughter. But the old man’s got the maintenence records dating all the way back to when he got the big promotion. And Jenny gets a lecture every time the gas needle goes below half-way. You know that gas card is there for a reason! She can’t be left stranded! …Hmmmm, that roof looks pretty nasty- Jenny could use a new Jetta…Really thought I’d have that Director’s seat by now…Kinda hit a ceiling at the office…Damn Obama! Failure! He’s failed us! Jenny REALLY likes Audi. An A4 ain’t cheap… Heaven knows.
Economical, utilitarian pick-up parked on the street? The help.


Your guess is as good as mine on this one. Chester van in the driveway? No clue.


Two plaything trucks.


Suburbans are big. That’s one on the right as well. Maybe mom drives one. Maybe the help, or maybe Jenny’s got the key’s. Either way, nothing new about Suburbans in Suburbia.


This is edgy. Might even have people left-of-center in this house. It’s a possibility. I’m going to have to help out with this photo as I know it’s not good, but I took it on the fly. Alrighty, first off we have a Jetta. That, we all know, is what Marcie drives to (daringly) public high school. In front is An ELECTRIC DRIVE Nissan Leaf. That’s a big deal. I’m guessing it’s the commuter car of the owner, the McAlpha, who also drives what is in front of the Leaf, in the garage on the left- which is a new Porsche Boxter. SOUL! There is SOUL here. And to the right of the Boxter is a modern mid-sized SUV. Overall, a very sensible fleet.


This is a no-brainer.

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