July 6th, 2005

The following is a story by Blaze Ginsberg, published author. Here is his website. Blaze’s mother, Deborah, is also a writer, so it runs in the family.

I asked him if he wanted to come up with a title other than the date and he hasn’t gotten back to me so the title is the date.


Aaron Litchfield,
El Presidente/Supreme Dictator For Life of destructo oblivion.com

July 6th 2005
Blaze Ginsberg

It is a gloomy wretched day. I think endlessly about how So Yesterday Spring of 2004 is. The day takes a very bad turn when the bus is late. Mom and I drive each other crazy and then finally separate.

“Is the bus still not here?” Mom asked.

“No Mah its not!” I said hearing Ashton Kutcher’s voice to myself. Mom then goes inside to call SDC. A few later minutes it begins to get sunnier out. The new headmaster at Surrey Mr. David Oz calls the house because he is a bit suspicious because I am not at school and they didn’t receive a call from Mom or SDC.  

“K I just called them,” Mom said.

“Who called the house phone?” I asked.

“Just now,” Mom said.

“Yeah just now Mom,” I said hearing Stevie Wonder’s talking voice to myself.

“That was the headmaster at Surrey I told him your bus is late,” Mom said,

“See, Jesus Christ. I need to have some other ride to school. Mr. Oz is very strict about us coming to class on time,” I said. Mom then went inside to make another phone call.

 “Your Grandfather is going to take you to school,” Mom said. Finally at 940am bus number 59 of SDC driven by Audrey Campbell arrives.

“Hi Blaze,” Audrey said.

“Do you have a reason that is remotely good enough as to why you picked me up an hour and a half past my pickup time?” I asked.

“I don’t appreciate you talking to me like that young man,” Audrey said.

“Ok can you please tell me why you are an hour and a half late to pick me up?” I asked.

“No I will not. You got me in trouble with Laurie last time I drove you which caused me to be out of work for two months not making any money. So now I don’t tell you anything,” Audrey said.

“This isn’t funny ok there’s a new headmaster at Surrey Mr. Oz. He is a lot stricter about everything and especially kids coming to class on time so I need to know why you are late like you are,” I said hearing Wesley Snipes voice to myself.

“Well you should have thought about that before you got me in trouble with Laurie and left me not able to pay my bills and rent for two months,” Audrey said.

“Yeah fuck you bitch. YOU ARE THE MOST PATHETIC ACCUSE FOR AN EMPLOYEE I HAVE EVER KNOWN AND I HOPE YOU GET FIRED AND HAVE TO LIVE ON THE STREET!” I screamed at the top of my voice hearing Bo’s voice when he yells that loud.

 “YOU ARE SUSPENDED FROM THE BUS. YOU NEVER EVER TALK TO ME THAT WAY EVER YOU LITTLE SHIT. If you say one more word at all I will pull this bus over to the side and whip your butt. Yes I am well authorized to do that because Laurie said it was ok,” Audrey said. Audrey pulls over to the side of the road outside of Del Mar Highlands town center and shuts the engine of the bus off.

“Audrey to base, Audrey to base over,” Audrey said over the radio.

“Judy go ahead,” Judy Hill said over the radio.

“Blaze Ginsberg has been very rude to me and screamed at the top of his lungs at me and I would like to suspend him,” Audrey said. There was a three minute wait for a response.

“Audrey take Blaze to Surrey we’ll call ahead to the principal,” Said Judy over the radio.

“10-4 thanks. This is your lucky day if you say one word I will drop you off in the middle of the road and leave you here,” Audrey said starting the bus driving off and getting honked at.

“Shut up!” She exclaimed at someone who couldn’t hear her. I feel shaken and post depression from what happened and Audrey starts crying.

“Go to school and get the fuck out of my life,” Audrey said as we get to Surrey.

“Bye baby did you wet your diaper,” I said at one step above the platform at Surrey then running as fast as a Cheetah in the jungle.

“Who’s your Daddy now!” I said to myself. I buy a Sprite Remix from the soda machine. I go check in at the office where I see Audrey yelling at Mr. Oz.

“Blaze come back here please,” Mr. Oz said as we walk all the way to his office where The Dean and Mrs. L-D are which causes me to burn with fear of being expelled from Surrey.

“So not only did I just get a very angry telephone call from your bus company that you screamed at the top of your voice. Mrs. Campbell says you insulted her and called her a baby and said she wet her diaper. So Dr. Norton is no longer with us as of last Friday and meaning I have only been the headmaster here not even a full week and I don’t know you that well. But with all due respect I have to say you’re not really making the best first impression on me. And I have been talking a lot with Dr. Norton on the phone and from what’s he told me about you, you’ve been on a roll with being rude to faculty and he also mentioned that you had this kind of problem with another bus driver when they were late,” Mr. Oz said.

“I mean I told her that you’re very strict about us being on time to class and she refused to tell me why she was late today. She was 90 minutes late,” I said.

“Well from what I heard you got her in trouble with her boss a few months ago and were cackling away at it. She also told me that she was late because she thought you weren’t riding and that her bus broke down,” Mrs. L-D said.

“But Audrey is always late. Anyway what’s my punishment I’m expelled aren’t I?” I asked.

“Now now we need not go quite that far. One thing Dr. Norton has told me is that you are very good about sticking to the school’s collar shirt dress code and he also told me that you never have violated our off campus policy. So no I’m not expelling you however there are definitely going to be some serious consequences,” Mr. Oz said.

 “Saturday school?” I asked.

“Unfortunately that may be what we have to do with you. Who are your teachers the next three periods?” The Dean said. The possibility of me doing Saturday school caused me to feel as though I was at CDM in the classroom when the fire alarm went off when I didn’t expect it.

“Kate, Mr. Hartt and Mr. Peregine,” I said.

“I will tell them that you’re not coming to class because you are on an in school suspension,” Mr. Oz said causing me to feel to feel as though I was at CDM in the classroom when the fire alarm went off when I didn’t expect it. I feel post depression as I sit behind the partition. Mid way through 2nd period Mrs. Kennedy meets with me.

“So you screamed at the top of your voice at the woman who is driving you to school and then you call her a baby and say that she wet her diaper!” Mrs. Kennedy exclaimed.

“I will not tell a lie yes that is exactly what I did Mrs. Kennedy,” I said hearing actor David Keith’s voice to myself.

“Wow honestly Blaze I am trying to stay calm. I’m furious at you I’m furious with you right now Blaze Ginsberg that you think you can talk to your bus driver that way. I don’t care if she came to pick you up at the end of the day that behavior is not acceptable UNACCEPTABLE!” Mrs. Kennedy exclaimed.

“Blaze you really did that?” Maddie F. who was in the office asked. 

 “Yes I did,” I said.

“Oh my God Blaze what hell is wrong with you?” Maddie asked.

“Normally I defend you and tell Mrs. L-D not to give you Saturday school but now I’m not going to do that because now you’ve crossed the line good,” Mrs. Kennedy said.

“What about Mr. Oz I mean like he expects us to come to class on time and he called my house wondering where I was!” I said hearing the voice of an African American girl to myself.

“Well then when you get here say Mr. Oz I’m sorry my bus picked me up really late,” Mrs. Kennedy said followed by a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Mrs. Kennedy responded.

“Hey can I like sit in here they never gave me a class this period,” Veronica said.

“Do they know in the office that you’re here?” Mrs. Kennedy asked.

“Yeah they told me to come here,” Veronica said.

“Yeah go ahead,” Mrs. Kennedy said whose phone rung for a business call. 

“I have to take this call. Blaze I am warning you now if you are rude to Maddie and what’s your name?” Mrs. Kennedy asked Veronica.

 “I’m Veronica,” Veronica said.

“If you give Maddie and Veronica a hard time I will call your Mom and send you home and you will be suspended from this school I am serious. I can convince Mr. Oz to do that,” Mrs. Kennedy said.

“That’s horrible Blaze saying those things to a bus driver you can get kicked off the bus for that. I know this girl named Kaylee she’s friends with my friend Taylor.

She called a black bus driver Nigger for being late and now she’s banned from taking the bus to school ever again,” Maddie said followed by me breaking down into hysterical tears.

“I mean Audrey always has to pick me up late. Back when I went to Earl Warren she was subbing for my usual driver and came late four back to back days and just said she was behind schedule. And back in March when we had the championship basketball game she was late and I almost missed the game. This morning Mr. Oz called my house looking for me and she wouldn’t tell me why she was late. And now Mrs. Kennedy my best friend here at Surrey is furious with me of all people,” I wept hysterically hearing actress Minka Kelley’s voice when she cries.

“Blaze it’s ok, it’s come here,” Maddie said hugging me.

“Shhhhhh (x6) it’ll be ok,” Maddie responded when I let out straight boo hoo’s.

“Here why don’t you have a tissue,” Veronica said.

“Thanks,” I said picking my face up off of Maddie’s shoulder taking the tissue and reburying boo hooing.

“It’ll be ok best friend we all make mistakes like this,” Maddie said.

“Why’s he crying?” Veronica asked causing Make Your Dreams Come True to appear.

“He had a problem on the school bus,” Maddie said.

“My bus driver was an hour and a half late. Mr. Oz was calling my house looking for me because he didn’t get a call from the bus company or my Mom. And my bus driver refused to tell me why she was late. I yelled at her at the top of my voice and called her a baby that wet her diaper,” I said picking up my face off of Maddie’s shoulder.

“That’s mean,” Veronica said.

“Well I was afraid of getting in trouble with Mr. Oz for something that is not my fault,” I said.

“Blaze you won’t get in trouble for your bus being late,” Maddie said.

“I used to get in trouble for that back at Earl Warren,” I said.

“But you’re not at Earl Warren you’re here and besides they’re assholes at Earl Warren they’re always looking for a reason to punish kids,” Maddie said as I thought that Earl Warren Junior High was So Yesterday via Make Your Dreams Come True. 

“Have you ever done anything like this Maddie?” I asked

 “Not to a bus driver. I called my Dad a skumbag once,” Maddie said followed by a laugh between us.

“How about you Veronica ever done anything bad like this?” I asked.

“No not really I’m usually a good girl,” Veronica said.

“What’s the woman’s name?” Veronica asked.

“Mrs. Kennedy,” I said.

“Like where is she?” Veronica asked.

“I think she has another job she’s talking to her boss,” Maddie said.

“Oh like can we do something I don’t want to just sit here doing nothing,” Veronica said.

“Up for a board game of Sorry either of you?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Veronica said.

“You’re not going to get mad at me if I don’t play the way you want me to because you know what Mrs. Kennedy said,” Maddie said.

“No Maddie I won’t. I’m red,” I said.

 “I’m Blue,” Veronica said.

“I’ll be Green,” Maddie said.

“Maddie why don’t you go first I’ll get second and Veronica can go last,” I said.

“Shouldn’t we go clockwise?” Veronica asked followed by me getting angry for three seconds and stopping.

“Nah this way’s fine,” I said. Maddie drew a 2 and drew again and got a sorry. I got a sorry card and bumped Maddie off. Veronica then got a sorry card and knocked me off. Maddie, Veronica and I play Sorry all the way till the bell rings for lunch. At lunch I hear the sound of an approaching Waste Management truck which is the recycling truck for the neighborhood outside Surrey. As the hydraulics screech and bang I envision Davida Williams consoling a crying Hilary Duff. I go sit with Maddie and Veronica.

“Are you going to be a new student here?” I asked.

“Nah only for the summer,” Veronica said.

“Where do you normally go to school?” I asked

“Out in El Cajon yeah I’m only here for credit,” Veronica said.

“How do you get here?” I asked.

 “My parents drive me,” Veronica said.

“Have you ever had the problem with someone being super late and not explaining themselves?” I asked.

“Nah not really although one time I went on a trip to visit my grandparents and my flight got delayed by four hours and they never exactly said why,” Veronica said.

“How about you Maddie?” I asked.

“I mean my bus driver came half an hour late one time. But she told me that there was an accident. But I mean it isn’t right for you to get so mad at her and be such a dick to the bus driver I mean I’m sure there was a reason why she was half an hour late,” Maddie said.

“An hour and a half,” I said.

“I mean the person may have gotten lost, had problems with their bus. Like one time I was going home from a friend’s house and I got home really late because we got lost and then my parents never let me hang out with her again,” Veronica said.

“Well there was one time when I was on a field trip and we were waiting for the bus driver for two and a half hours at a science museum and my teacher asked why he was late he wouldn’t tell him. My teacher went and punched him and then the principal gave him conference memorization and nearly lost his job. See Blaze you can’t do that kind of stuff,” Maddie said.

“Yeah you’re right,” I said.  

 “Hey Veronica ever seen Sister, Sister?” Maddie asked after a period of silence at our table.

“Is that the show where the Olsen twins meet up after being apart for fifteen years? ”Veronica asked.

“The Mowry twins,” I said.

“Yeah Tamera’s Dad is evil Blaze and I hate him right Blaze?” Maddie asked.

“Right,” I said.

“Why what’d he do?” Veronica asked.

“He’s a dick to Tamera,” Maddie said.

“And her mother died,” I said.

“Yeah and she has no mother and he’s a monster,” Maddie said.

“Yeah my friend Justine lost her mother recently and her Dad’s just a monster,” Veronica said.

“What does he do?” I asked.

“Hits her with a belt whenever he has a problem,” Veronica said.

 “How’d her Mom die?” I asked.

“I think she had cervical cancer,” Veronica said as the bell rung indicating that lunch is over. I go back to sit behind the partition and feel depression about not being able to go to class until Mr. Oz calls me back to his office where Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. L-D are.

“So I’ve been talking with Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. L-D here and I’ve decided that Saturday school isn’t entirely necessary. I’ve decided this because number one surely not being able go to class is punishment enough yeah?” Mr. Oz said.

“Yes it is” I said hearing actor Lawrence Fishburne’s voice to myself.

“I also decided this because I talked to Mr. Norton over the phone and he told me that your morning bus had been having some issues picking you up in a timely manner. He also mentioned that Mrs. Campbell has had a bit of a history being late like this. I think he said something about there was a time when she came to pick you up when school was supposed to be closed. Yeah he mentioned that she just blows you off and says that she was behind schedule. So in a few weeks after they blow this issue off I am going to talk to them about seeing if they can maybe assign another bus driver to pick you up in the morning,” Mr Oz said followed by feelings of major happiness about the possibilities of being spared of bus 59 forever.

“Oh sweet!” I said.

“Yeah well you’re not quite out of the hole yet. So as for the punishment today you will remain on in school suspension and you can go back to class tomorrow. Tomorrow, Friday, Monday and Tuesday of next week I am going to have you do community service during lunch break,” Mr. Oz said.  

“Are they going to suspend me from the bus?” I asked.

“I don’t believe so. I talked to Kevin Johnson the head of the company and he said he’d let me know by the end of today,” Mr. Oz said. I go back to the partition feeling consistently happy about the fact that it will only be a matter of time before 59 is out of my life forever. School ends at 12:30pm and when I see Mr. Oz I run up to him.

“Mr. Oz so did Kevin call you back?” I asked.


“David, Kevin Johnson is on the phone. Hey Blaze I’m going to have you wait on the bench,” Jan in the office said.

“So I just got off the phone with Mr. Johnson. He’s decided not to suspend you but they are giving you a written referral for your behavior. He did say that the girl who’s taking you is taking another student from Oak Crest Academy home so she’s running a little late” Mr. Oz said.

“Is it Audrey?” I asked.

“No it’s another lady,” Mr. Oz said.

“You can go up front now Blaze,” Jan said. While waiting for the bus I get afraid of it being 59 and it being Audrey. My fear disappears when I discover a white utility van of SDC driven by Rosie.

 “Hiya Rosie how you doing,” I said happy to see her hearing Steve Martin’s voice to myself.

“I would not be smiling right now if I were you young man you are very big trouble,” Rosie said.

“Hey I’m David Oz, the headmaster,” Mr. Oz said.

“I’m Rosie,” Rosie said.

“Yeah so I take you heard about the incident,” Mr. Oz said.

“Oh I did hear about it I’m placing him under Marshall Law,” Rosie said. I feel depression as Mr. Oz and Rosie talk which disappears when they stop.

“Blaze have a nice day and let’s not cause anymore problems,” Mr. Oz said.

“Ok,” I said.

“I will be taking you to and home from school for the rest of the week. You’re to sit in the back of the van to the left and are not to say a word or move a muscle until we get to your house. BACK OF THE VAN TO THE LEFT MOVE IT!” Rosie hollered. Rosie starts up the van and away we go with a ride filled with dead silence. At home Mom receives a report of today and is pissed off. I eat lunch and think endlessly about my encounter with Maddie and Veronica and don’t take this issue with the school bus seriously. Later that night I feel depression over not having Disney magic in my life. I feel this because I search for Davida Williams on Amazon and I get a message saying “This search is not available to you”.


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