October 12th 2007

Here folks is another piece from Blaze Ginsberg. He is real. Not everything on this website is real, but Blaze is.

On another note, make sure to check out the second edition of the Oblivious Review. It was heavily updated. Thanks.

Not Blaze



October 12th 2007
By Blaze Ginsberg

(club meeting)

Today is a gloomy wretched day. I am scheduled to have my second consecutive film club meeting with Damian at Vista View College. I get into a small yelling match with Mom. Maya and I finally leave and the car ride there is peaceful. Today like last week the other members who signed up do not show. Today’s Movie is The Counterfeit Traitor. I don’t really pay much attention to the movie and just think about the sports field trips at Surrey and the first student buses we took.

(Friday Vibes)

As the film ends it beings to get sunnier out. Dante will ride me home but he has some business at school to take care of beforehand. It starts when his buddy Joe comes to the room to talk about another seminar they do. As this happens Joe’s sister whom is none other than Miranda Stagg, the same girl who rode on Elizabeth’s route before me during the 2004-2005 season comes into the room. I join Dante and Joe in picking on her because I want to be a big macho man. This is short lived ending when Miranda mentions her “knowledge” of who I am. We get into a whole long talk of SDC staff. As I talk to Miranda her having high functioning autism makes her seem like the best friend I am looking for in a partner. My 1993 Flxible Metro 6TL vibe appears when Miranda gets a call from her boyfriend who just got off I-5 to pick her up from school. We exchange one final note which is about us both having autism and Miranda seemingly brags about how Matt “helps” her with the things she allows to upset her via Autism. On our way to the Vista View College student lounge Dante and I talk about Miranda having a boyfriend and he says his piece on it. The queen appears when a girl who works in the student lounge Frances asks me what’s wrong and I tell her. Frances also knowns Miranda and says her piece. Frances is in a nice mood and allows me to play video games because I feel sad. “The Vibe of Reggae Love/ZOOM Season 3 appears when a girl named Lucy comes into the lounge and comments on my video game playing which causes me to start feeling better about Miranda. The queen resurfaces when she wants to play against me. As we play the game we also chat. As bad as things were earlier that is how touching they are about to become. The queen disappears until next Friday when I pass a level of the video game and Lucy’s phone buzzes for the seventh consecutive time. Lucy comes back pissed and yells at the Russian dude who works for the student body government. Lucy yells at him because he wants to set her up with his friend whom she is not interested in and keeps harassing her. Lucy’s phone rings again and this time it’s her boss. Lucy comes back in hysterical tears because she has been laid off from her job and yells at the Russian dude once more because his loser friend cost her a job. I go calm her down and take her outside and ask her what’s wrong. Lucy in hysterical tears explains everything that’s wrong in her life. The Vibe of Reggae Love/ZOOM Season 3 resurfaces when she asks me to give her a hug and I do. I sit with Lucy calming her down thankfully not getting a woody caused by my 6TL’s earlier. Lucy crying and my hugging her for five minutes and forty-seven seconds and accompanied nonstop by The Vibe of Reggae Love/ZOOM Season 3, which gives me happiness as hot as an iron. Dante walks past us and asks her what’s wrong and I have to tell him. Lucy stops crying and laughs when I make a joke. We talk about my problem with having a crush on DJ Tanner against my wishes which she finds funny and throws in a note about her. As we get into Dante’s car he says a piece about how sweet I was to Lucy. Dante says another thing about Miranda why I shouldn’t be upset about her having a boyfriend. As we get home we run into Mom at the mailbox. Mom and Dante talk about the movie we watched and then mentions how sweet I was to Lucy earlier and Mom says what she thinks about that. Once Dante has been cleared Mom wants to know my side of the story about what happened with Lucy and I tell her. Mom then starts worrying about me looking like a freaky dude by hugging a girl I don’t necessarily know that well. I then feel embarrassed over that.

(Hang out with Nick)

Nick comes over around 5pm. He comes in talks to Mom and then we go into my room snack on potato chips and play GTA. While Nick blows up cars and kills people in GTA: San Andreas I tell him about Lucy. I also mention Mom thinking that I looked weird and he says what he thinks about that. Nick stays as late as 945pm. After he leaves I go take a bath.

After my bath I go watch videos of transit buses on YouTube and go to be around 11pm.


Mranda puts her boyfriend’s voice on speaker phone.

I learned that Miranda was autistic on November 30th 2004.

I learned when Ingrid was driving me home from Winston.

This is the second and last Friday where I hug a crying girl that lasts five minutes and forty-seven seconds and where my ability to get a woody is disabled by depressing vibe seen earlier.

Even though I have completed my time relying on service from SDC in 2006 this is the final Friday that a long extensive conversation about them occurs.

I met Lucy last semester.

Miranda also has an amazing date memory like I do.

Miranda and Joe’s mother Muriel Jackson Stagg died on October 22nd 2003 of skin cancer.

Muriel’s birthday was August 4th 1960.

Joe’s birthday is April 23rd 1979.

Miranda is very cute and has a high squeaky voice.

Lucy has a lower pitched feminine voice and is eighteen years old.

I had been thinking about Miranda a lot since Sun 10-7.



Dante: “Joe my nigga what’s happening?”

Joe: “D-D-D Dante shit man sorry I haven’t been answering you man shit’s been fucking mad.”

(Joe and Dante exchange bro love)

Dante: (Clears Throat) “Joe this is my buddy Blaze Ginsberg. Blaze this is my friend Joe Stagg.

Joe: “Hi Blaze pleasure to meet you I’ve heard quite a bit about you. Dante says you like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.”

Me: “Nice to meet you too Joe. Um are you related to a girl named Miranda Stagg?”

Joe: “I sure am she’s my little sister.”

(Enter Miranda)

Miranda Stagg: “Yo Joe you just walk out on me eh.”

Dante: “Speak of the Devil.”

Me: (making my voice higher pitched mocking Miranda) “I’m Miranda.”

(Dante Joe and I all do a cocky homie laugh)

Miranda: “Fuck you!”

Joe: “Miranda this is Blaze Ginsberg. Blaze that’s Miranda.”

Miranda: “You I know who you are. All right fess up motherfucker you told Elizabeth to make me wait an hour to go to school didn’t you, you bandit!”

Me: (hearing actor Craig Anton’s voice to myself) “Ingrid from San Dieguito told me that you’re autistic. She also told me that you have an insane date memory. Guess what smarty pants I have an amazing date memory and I’m also autistic.”

Miranda: “When did that loud mouth cunt Ingrid Trent tell you that?”

Me: “I believe it was November 30th 2004.”

Miranda: “When was the last time that wicked witch Elizabeth Silva drove you?”

Me: “October 31st 2005”

Miranda: “When was the last time that miserable pathetic low-life Ingrid drove you?”

Me: “September 6th 2005. When was the last time Angelo Ramirez drove you?”

Miranda: “That little pip squeak. July 9th 2004 and he was driving bus 35. I hated him he was always late and just told me he doesn’t speak English which is bull-shit. When the last time that dirty whore Keesha Mcoy drove you?”

Me: “September 23rd 2005, When was the last time that slut Audrey Campbell drove you?” 

Miranda: “Oh god that fucking whore? March 11th 2005 what about you?”

Me: “July 6th 2005.” 

Miranda: “How about the last time that fat old hag Carol Swift ever drove you?”

Me: “June 10th 2004 what about you?”

Miranda: “October 13th 2004.”

Me: “When was the last time Keesha drove you and when was the last time Linda Martin Sophia Reddman drove you?”

Miranda: “Elvira. June 15th 2005, Linda September 10th 2004.”

Me: “Didn’t you just hate Elizabeth’s bus?”

Miranda: “Yes I got kicked off the bus because I had matches in my backpack.”

Me: “Your friend Taylor’s friend Katie told me you got kicked off because you used the N word.”

Miranda: “Yeah I called that bitch Keesha that for kicking me off the bus for no reason.”

Me: “How old are you Miranda?”

Miranda: “I turned seventeen yesterday my birthday is October 11th 1990, How old are you?

Me: “I’m twenty my birthday is July 23rd 1987. There’s a Full House episode that aired the day after you were born.”

Miranda: “The one where Stephanie gets mad at Joey cuz he’s not her Mom. Yeah I looked it up on the web. I like to do that.”

Me: “Me too!”

Miranda: “What show do you like researching the most on the web?”

Me: “Lizzie McGuire.”

Miranda: “Yeah I like to look up Full House a lot.”

Me: “Why are you at Vista View?”

Miranda: “I graduated from Torrey Pines Hell School one year early.”

Me: “How do you get to school?”

Miranda: “Joe or my Dad drive me.”

(93 6TL)

Miranda: (answering phone) “Hey Matty poo.”

Matt Edwards: “Hey I just got off the I5 I should be there like any second.”

Miranda: “Take your time Matty my baby face.” (Kisses her phone)

Miranda: “That was my boyfriend Matthew John Edwards.”

Me: “How old is he?”

Miranda: “Sixteen, His birthday is October 5th 1991.”

(on the way to student lounge)

Me: “How does a girl who has the same struggles as me have a fucking boyfriend!”

Dante: “Ah bro you do not want to go out with Miranda man.”

Me: “I do so.”

Dante: “Trust me buddy she’s not the right girl for you.”

Me: “Why not?!!!”

Dante: “She’s really mean.”

Me: “She was nice to me.”

Dante: “Yeah well looks can be deceiving.”

(Queen run number 1)

Frances: “Hey are you ok?”

Me: “No. Miranda Stagg has a stinking boyfriend and she’s autistic like me. I used to have an imaginary girlfriend who was autistic and she cheated on me.”

Frances: “Miranda Stagg always makes guys who are single feel jealous so you’re not alone. You don’t want to go out with her. She’s an angry mean person and she also bullies other people who are autistic around. And she’s racist.”

Russian Dude: “She made a comment about me cuz of where I’m from. I wanted to fucking kill that bitch.”

Me: “Can I play on Nintendo?”

Frances: “You absolutely may.”

(Reggae Love number 1)

Lucy: “Dude you’re getting blown up!”

Me: (yelling startled) Jesus Christ! Oh hey Lucy.”

Lucy: “Hi um sorry what’s your name again Blade Blane?”

Me: “Blaze”

Lucy: “Blaze oh yeah dude you have a fucking sick name I have boring Lucy. Friggen Parents.”

(we both laugh)

(Queen 2)

Lucy: “How you been I haven’t seen you in a while? Dude look out you’re getting killed!”

Me: “Ok what about you?”

Lucy: “Eh I’ve been ok. Uuuugh my boss sucks.”

Me: “Why?”

Lucy: “She won’t give me a raise and I need one. Oh dude you’re going to die.”

Me: “I’m doing the film club with Dante.”

Lucy: “Dante I love him he’s such a sweetheart.”

(Reggae Love run 2)

Lucy: (crying) “I got fired because you’re fucking stupid friend!”

Russian Dude: “You don’t respect him so you got what you came for.”

Lucy: “No I didn’t. I don’t want to date that fucking asshole and this would never have happened if you didn’t keep trying to fucking set me up with him.”

Rusky: (imitating Lucy) “Boo hoo my name’s Lucy I’m having my period!”

Lucy: (dark grey smoke comes out of her head and she lunges toward him) “I’M GOING TO FUCKING RIP YOUR HEAD OFF YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKER!”

Frances: (Stands up from her seat and restraints Lucy) “BOTH OF YOU STOP IT!”

Me: “Lucy calm down, calm down”

Lucy: (to Rusky) “Eat shit you fucking cocsucker!” 

Frances: “Lucy don’t talk like that”

Lucy: “Fuck you bitch I’ll talk however I want.”

Franzes: “Out of here out. You’re banned from this room until I decide otherwise.”

Rusky: “Yeah until you’re off your period.”

(Lucy tenses up to lunge at him)

Me: “Lucy stop it!”

(I go outside with her and she breaks into hysterical sobs)

Me: “Hey, hey what happened?”

Lucy: (bitter sobs) “That guy’s stupid friend got me fired from my job that I have had for two years now. He’s fifteen years older than me. He follows me around everywhere I go he touches my boobs. He told the manager at my job that I’m not respecting him and she just fired me” (boo hoo’s). “I feel like shit I have a fucking term paper due

Me: “Lucy you’re over—“

Lucy: “For fuck sake just hug me Blaze.”

Me: “Ok” (I hug her) It’s ok Lucy, it’s ok.”

(She gets a tissue from her pocket blows her noise and I shoosh her)

Me: “Lucy you’re overworking yourself. Take deep breaths ok? In-

(we both inhale)

Me: “Out.” (we both exhale. We sit with Lucy crying and me hugging her and running my fingers through her hair until Dante passes by us.)

Dante: “Hey Lucy what’s wrong?”

(Lucy just sobs)

Me: “She got fired from her job because—”

Dante: “That nut job keeps bothering you.”

Lucy: (boo hoo’s) “Yes.” (more boo hooing.)

Dante: “It’ll be alright.” (pats her on the back) “Big Blaze’s got your back.”

(when Lucy stops crying)

Me: “I know how you feel. I need a fucking job too damn it.”

(Lucy laughs pulls up her faces and wipes out her tears)

Lucy: “I love you and Dante you guys are amazing.”

Me: “Yeah. Do you ever watch Full House?” 

Lucy: “Yeah it’s a little dated.”

Me: “One-night last summer I was watching the episode where DJ is caught with beer and then I fell in love with the fictional character. I would talk to my buddy about her and he like keeps making me love her when I don’t. Yeah I know how you feel because I’m looking for a girlfriend and I can’t find one.”

Lucy: “DJ is kind of weird. I think she got married to that NFL producer. Uuugh but thanks man for what you did. I never thought I’d meet someone as sweet as you.”

Me: “Don’t mention it.” (we hug once more)

(In Dante’s car)

Dante: “Man you were so sweet to Lucy bro. Yeah this guy from her work threatened to kill her and her family if she didn’t go out with him.”

Me: “He did that why?!”

Dante: “He’s off his fucking head and he’s been arrested like eight times now.”

Me: “He’s been arrested eight times are you serious?”

Dante: “I’m dead serious he’s a piece of shit.”

Me: “What’s his name?”

Dante: “Dave.”

Me: “How old is he?”

Dante: “I think he’s like thirty-five or no I think he turned thirty-six. I don’t know big and Blaze and I sure as hell don’t care because he’s an evil man. But yeah you were awesome to Lucy that fucking guy in the lounge is douchebag. Yeah man don’t be sad about Miranda Stagg having a boyfriend man she’s not the right girl for you,”

Me: “Why isn’t she?”

Dante: “Well she’s very bossy. She lashes out on other people. She’s hit Matt her boyfriend more than a dozen times.”

Me: “She hits him why does she do that?”

Dante: “Because she has anger problems. Her Mom died when she was a little kid and her Dad’s been a douche ever since, She hits Matt because she hates it when he talks to other girls even his sisters.”

Soundtrack Listing:

“Carry Me” by Patty Griffin released on Flaming Red in 1998.

“I’m going to get to you” by Cecile from Sesame Street.


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