Good Starter Podcast/Billy Bragg

Hi everyone. This is another podcast. One session here broken into ten minute parts. Roughly. This is a Good Starter Podcast, in my opinion. So it’s fine to listen if you haven’t heard the first six. Those should be right below if you scroll down. Or go home and scroll down. Losers.

Should I include a photo? I think I will. Hopefully it will show up on facebook when I link this up.


Sometimes facebook does not actually link the photo, as was the case last time. So whatever. I’m not good with computers. But I’ve never really given an effort, so I’m the only one to blame. Hey, my older brother Adam was always the one who hooked up the Nintendo. What are you gonna do?

-Soooooo, notes on the podcast. The song that I originally wanted to talk about was Sliver by Nirvana. It totally escaped me. But I’m glad I went in the Billy Bragg direction.

-Ummmmmmm, anything else? My hand (I slept for a couple of hours) This is in total about 8 or ten hours after the incident with the door, anyway, my hand seems okay. I iced it. I really don’t want an “injury,” you know? Do you know what I mean?

-There are two listener participation things. One is a poll, the other is a contest. I think I talk about that shit in the first and second podcasts in addition to this one.

-Also I like doing the podcast and plan on involving other people and just being stupid. stupider then I’ve already bin. i plan on being stoopider then I’ve ever bin in my life and just having fun. maybe i should innerview cars. thats an idea i have, to innerview an axual car. i think that wood be an excelent idea. Also a cussing-free podcast is on the way someday but also maybe this is not going to happen. The scene in Dead Poets society where the one kid answers a piercingly loud telephone call (the 50’s) in the middle of a diatribe and the kid says to to the head master whose lecture he’s interrupting “It’s God, he thinks we should admit girls in our school” is very funny, transcends the movie as a whole which can be corny. I really loved that movie when I was 12 though…I don’t know what to think of it now with the whole captain-my-captain ending. I don’t know about the suicide. Is it too much? It was parodied on SNL this season…I don’t know. Anyway, tune in next time for another podcast everybody.



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