Missionary Terms And Words- You Know, The language That We Used

Here is the latest podcast. How is everyone? How is everyone doing? Is everyone getting their cholesterol checked and taking a few quiet moments a day to reflect? It’s very important.

This part is important:
I’ve explained it before but I don’t think I can do it enough: The podcasts are (obviously) broken up into sections. Computers tend to get confused and have trouble handling it. After listening to the first section, push STOP on your browser, take a big breath in, then push RELOAD (reload probably the most important part,) exhale, then play the next section to be listened to. Do this for each section. Generally, I don’t have problems when I test it on my phone, but I do have issues with the old computer here and I know others have had problems as well. Reloading seems to solve the problem. Anyway, thanks.

If you haven’t listened to any of them yet, just click home and scroll down and listen to the one about Billy Bragg or the first one about my mission. Both of those are probably good starters. Or get crazy and listen to the earliest ones. Those are weird. Do whatever you want to do. Send me a message on facebook about how I’m a freakin reject and I’m wasting everyone’s time with this “podcast.”I don’t care about anything, you know what I mean? I’m a man on the edge.

The author of this post lives a q
The author of this post lives illegally in the Famosa Slough


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