The Moon As Far As Cleanliness Goes


Photos of birds at the beach will be a theme for this latest podcast blog post. Blogcast. My plan was a G-rated recording, but I think PG-13 was the result. Hey, better than R, huh? Anyway, my intention for this blogcast was a more lighthearted podcast. I talk about my time working at Stone Brewing Co. I talk a bit about Tony Gwynn…I forget what else. Oh, one thing, when I say in the blogcast that the relationships might have seemed superficial I meant the nature of them, that I only saw a lot of those folks while at work. I did not mean that anyone there seemed superficial. I hope that’s clear.


Get Ready:

Also, sorry that it is split up. The segments don’t really like being more than about 15 minutes long. I know it is annoying. If you’re on a laptop, you might have to reload before playing the 2nd installment. I would just reload anyway, preemptively, before every segment. So scroll down below this picture of a bird for round 2: And click reload before pressing play:

This bird is just chillin in my AREA! wtf??? Like he knew about this pictorial.

Round 2: Reload:

Scroll down for the next segment.

This bird was pretty cool. It’s a Northeastern Hopjacket. Just kidding, I don’t know wtf it is.

Round 3: Reload if it doesn’t play:

The final part of the cast is down. Scroll down.

Believe it or not, this bird was “in flight” when I took this photo with my iphone 5SE, which by the way is this blogcast’s recording device. All hail the iphone and Apple. Correct? God bless em.

Final segment: Reload:

Still chillin very near my “area.” This bird thanks you for listening and participating in the blogcast by texting the (real) podcast phone at 760-390-5114. Also, Norm Macdonald’s book is the first book of the blogcast’s book club. So that’s exciting. Have a good day everyone. Take care of yourselves. Take a time out to breathe. Get a massage. Take a walk. Clip your nails. Fart in front of a friend and share a laugh. Head down to the corner store and chat it up with the guy at the counter but really try to be engaged this time, you know?

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