There’s a car that I see in the parking lot of the Olive Tree Marketplace. Always there. A terrible late-90’s Pontiac Grand Am. Horrible. Terriful Shaq would say.

Anyway, the Grand Am has a bumper sticker on the back- To Thine Own Self Be True. I asked Boss whose car that was. Boss told me that it belonged to the chef of the restaurant next door. (Boss owns the block.)

You’re a pretty good writer if many centuries later people have your shit on the back of a car, or horse-less carriage.

Then the other day I noticed that To Thine Own Self Be True wasn’t even a bumper sticker, it was the residue/paint damage that had been caused by the sticker, which had been removed. The contrasting inks aged and corroded differently, leaving the message indelible.

Damn that Bill Shakespeare!


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