Three Internet Lists

If you go to college for literature, the first thing they tell you of course is to write lists on the internet. Anyway, my horoscope says that today’s a good day for business yet only fair for creativity, so what better a post than a sell-out group of lists? You seen the quality of riting on those lists? Pretty good. Pretty good. So, here, for your consumption, no outlines, no first drafts, this is the only draft, alrite? A juicy BUrger of a blog post. A post made post-haste. A most Nasty, mostneopostmodernpost most unenriching. Terrible, awful. Terriful post MOstly a joke of a postal post. Typos and grammer? Mine’s perfect so what are you blabbering about?

The fist draft is the best draft so they say so let’s all raise a draft to this trio of lists and call it solid gold and a day.

In No particular order, MOVIES:

True Romance: A good movie, written by Quentin Tarantino. I’ve blogged about it before. It has a amazing cast. To many too list. To many for the movie to even list as Val Kilmer is uncredited. I think. Val Kilmer plays Elvis.

Children of Men: Clive Owen is the ideal leading man and this is the ideal action movie. It’s very well made. The Director, Alfonso Curon, is elite. Spoiler alert: nothing.

How To Lose a Guy In Ten Days: Matthew M. and Reese Goldie-Hawn’s-Daughter are ravishing in this movie.

Ummmm, what else?

Top Gun: I’ve seen it over a million times. I watched a VHS tape of it over and over as we did not have cable television as a young family back then. It deserves some of the flak it gets for being cheesy but it is also a well-made film with excellent action sequences. This movie is the Reason I bought the cassette version of The Best of The Righteous brothers.

Bottle Rocket: Wes Anderson’s first movie is good.

Terminator 2: My terminator is the Good Terminator. This movies seems to work better than all modern action movies perhaps because of its restraint and sense of boundaries. You seem to have a good feeling for what Arnie can do and how much he can take. The same can be said of the “superior” T1000 Terminator. The moment for me, in the film, is when the alternate power awakens a seemingly defeated, dead Terminator. What it says about good and evil, perhaps. Or spirit.

Pop Punk bands that are good other than Blink182:

Lagwagon song: I must Be Hateful

Face to Face song: You Lied

Millencolin Song: I don’t know

Strung Out song: Firecracker

NOFX song: Linoleum

Rancid song: Almost every song

Jawbreaker: Not sure what song

Unwritten Law: Shallow

Ok, lastly, cars I’ve Driven, “of note”

78 audi 5000. Cursed from the get-go. It was an old car in the late 90’s yet there was no youtube to help. I don’t even officially count it as my first car as it was so unreliable. I used to pray and ask god to help power the sunroof

87 honda prelude. Loved the car more than I knew. If I had it again, I’d take better care of it. But it’s easy to say that. Had a five speed manual. “Slick” is the “operative” word. The car, named Mordecai, or Mordy for short was the vehicle that took me to my first girlfriend who I credited as helping me transition from the old world to the new, so it’s fair to say Mordy is royalty, you know without getting to “sentimental” or “caught up in the past” this is, after all an internet list.

88 BMW M5. First fast car I was ever “at the helm” Loved it. It was a lawyer friend of my uncle’s who let me drive it. One of the few really sporty cars I’ve ever had the priviledge.

Honda S2000. My friend, and friend is an understatement when it comes to fellas who allow you to drive the perfect car, let me drive his S2000. The S2000 has 240 horsepower, is small, convertbible, and perfectly built by Honda Motor Co in their prime. What I remember is how direct it felt. You put the toes down on the pedal and the engine roars and you go swiftly. That car is perfect. Thank you Fred.

~perfect segue to~

1990 Mazda Miata

thank you very much.

Gotta thank uncle David for this one. The summer of 2000 I was allowed to drive this car quite frequently, which at the time was not very appreciated by the non-enthusiast world. Wasn’t really appreciated by anyone not driving it really. As I did not. I was reluctant, being a young, hetero male and all. Miatas lack horsepower, you know. Even V-tech Hondas can smoke a Miata.

But I learned to love that Miata. Really did. That little thumb of a tiny five-speed gear-shifter. The visibility. It’s a lotta fun. I drove it up from the suburbs of Seattle where my Uncle’s family lived and to the home of a couple of girls I’d met in college. College was in Idaho but they were at home for the summer in Cameno Island, or something way up there. I’d be lying if I said that that drive wasn’t like one of the most exciting slices of my life.


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