Here’s a Blog Post

In all my years of food and bev, work as a waiter and at the brewery, I never developed any kind of alcohol palette. The first time I had beer, I thought it tasted like ass. My friend Kyle loved to repeat that, as he was there the night I had my first High Life. “Tastes like ass! Tastes like ass!” He said it more than I did. I still think beer tastes like ass and when I say a beer is good I merely mean that it’s tolerable. Like sparkling water or something. Diet coke. But no alcoholic beverage I have ever tasted has tasted as good as a Coke with real sugar. The Mexican Cokes.

As far as what works, a Long Island Iced Tea helps catch you up when you’re coming to the party late, like off of work or something. Otherwise it’s PBR or the Mexican beers, as everyone knows. I’m not going to get into Medori Sours. Just not going to do it today. Anyway, we liked Bone Jolly, at the ravioli place. It was like a $20 red wine. Whatever the fuck it was. Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc or some shit.


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