Inoffensive Podcast

A nine minute, PG-rated, inoffensive podcast.


Podcasts About Work

I’ve had a lot of jobs over the years. In these three podcasts I talk about my earliest jobs, beginning when I was 14 and up until I went on my mission.

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Who Let The Dogs Out?

In this one, I tell a mission story. I don’t think I embellish much. I really think the guy was like 6’5″. At the very shortest 6’3″.

I gave it a listen and I just want to clarify that in the story I tell, Wood and I were never in the house. When I say in the podcast that we began to walk out of the house, I really meant that we began to exit the front porch area. Never in the house.

When you’re done with part one, reload your computer before pressing play for part two. If you’re listening on your phone, you shouldn’t have to reload, but I can’t make any promises.